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Namaste! Here we go again. You seem to be a beautiful person who loves nature, history, art and stories. Let the story begin,

I, Kailasha - The Himalayan Village, is an ideal offbeat Resort in Himachal Pradesh to rejuvenate amongst nature and reconnect with oneself. Sitting under the deodar jungle in the morning hours with the sunrays breaking through brings the peace and hope to start the day.

You can meet me at the foothills of the famous Malana village, just 10 K.M short of Manikaran, famous for its hot water springs, right on the bank of the ice-cold Parvati river. A highly revered pilgrimage being the Tapo Bhoomi of Bhole Nath for 11000 years & later visited by the great Sikh guru Sh.Guru Nanak dev ji.

My valley is full of adventurous treks, majestic flower valleys, thick flora and fauna, crystal clear waterfalls, rivers in virtuous serine Parvati valley, the "Tapo Bhoomi" of Shiv Shambhoo.

I am the king of my own kingdom! You'll see I'm crowned with thick deodar (pine) forest, River Parvati wetting my feet, and mountains made of black hard rock with as many features as one's mind can think of protruding as lingas in different shapes & sizes.Snow-covered peaks make a perfect backdrop for my "Shiv Nagari." My appearance is an ideal place for nature lovers as when sights of daybreak, sunrise, and crystal-clear skies full of numerous stars can remain attached in one's memory forever.

My construction will remind you of a mini Himachal Pradesh at one place! You see, my best friend, "Aman Singh Sood," is one of the creative persons ever. He designed me in pure

traditional & ancient Kathkunia style (dry stacking of stone & wood without cement), with mud-plastered walls from inside blending perfectly with deodar woodwork. I have been enhanced by beautifully carved teak furniture, handmade tussle silk curtains, traditional brass fittings to make a perfect blend of aesthetics and class. His idea, hard work and love for the Himachal tradition made me the best resort in Kasol.

To give you an "all at once" tour, my cottages are based in different Himachal Pradesh districts. All the cottages are a built-in area of 650 sq. ft., Machans 750 sq. ft.and royal cottage 1400 sq ft. with minibar, mini-fridges, study, separate dressing, fully furnished and equipped toilets and personal lawns to spoil you with luxury and comfort!

Are you a big-time foodie? High five! Me too!

I have multiple cafes and restaurants to feed you with delicious traditional Himachal food and more western and unique recipes. Don't miss out on traditional Himachali Dham! It's my chef's recommendation. I am equipped with a beautiful traditional bar, a spa with a heat sauna, steam sauna, Jacuzzi, aroma bath therapy, initiations and wellness program, acupressure, and massage to take care of you after a day of activities like river crossing, rappelling, nature walks, jungle incursions, rock climbing, mountain biking, trout angling, trekking, orchard picnics, rafting.

After refreshing your mind and soul, join my friends and me for the traditional folk dances of Himachal done by "we the staff" and polish off the day with the mouth-watering cuisines of Himachal.

I, "Kailasha - The Himalayan village," is a real insight into the lifestyle, culture, cuisines, architecture of We "Pahari people." We promise you all genuine Pahari warmth and love.There are many inside stories between my best friend and me and your host. I will be happiest if you listen to him about my origination and unheard stories about us.

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Our Resort Values

We care for our community and support people by educating them to create new opportunity in life.
We are committed to excellence and responsibility as host, always striving to exceed expectation.
We are a team build with trust and loyalty to create an excellent environment for guests and host.
We provide the best facilities and create touchpoints in every transaction of services.
We treat our stakeholders with respect, honesty and dignity—these lay fundamental characteristics of our business conduct.