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Initiations/ Wellness retreats

Ever wondered why you feel happy and peaceful when you are healthy? That’s because our life and mind is filled with the chaos of the outer world. No matter how hard we try to balance work and personal life and avoid stress, these negative emotions surround us. It is essential to practice yoga and meditation to keep your mind and body healthy. It makes your inner soul happy and gives you the strength to fight the outer world.Learn More Details

At Kailasha - the Himalayan village, we believe in relaxed minds and an energetic body. There are certain life events and traumas in life that leave us with negative vibes inside. If we don’t heal those emotions, they cover us entirely and harm our wellbeing. Especially in tough times like global pandemic, it iss important to stay calm and take care of one’s mental health.

I am friends with various expert healers like Ochune alchemist who helps to healing you with guided meditations, energy healings, and customized healing requirements.

Our wellness zones

I, Kailasha - the Himalayan village, is seated in the lap of nature. Just a regular morning stroll in my garden will leave you fresh and happy for the full day. The cold breeze, the soothing sound of the river flowing, the sweet smell of floras, and the first ray of sunshine will fill your mind with positive energy within. I will take care of your physical as well as mental relaxations.

The Spa at Kailasha - The Himalayan Village Resort is a sacred space of care and serenity where guests are supported to discover their natural state of peace and calmness.

We provide a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience through many forms of holistic healings to balance the senses. Its unrivaled range of signature treatments focuses on health, beauty, pampering, stress reduction, and recovery using pure, natural, and environmentally friendly products.


The alchemist in you

The alchemist in you is our wellness program designed especially for those seeking mental relaxations and healing from past traumas and stress.

Our wellness package is designed with 3-day initiations available as whole-day or part-day experiences. The part-day experiences will have the necessary guidelines, key concepts, and powerful energy healing sessions, tools, and healing processes included in the whole-day initiations. The two unique immersions will have slightly different timings and format.

We create our lives, whether we are aware of this truth or not. Whether it is our financial situation, our relationships, our health – we make all of it. This workshop is about learning how we are master creators, getting the tools to enhance and expedite the process, receiving energy transmissions and healing that help dissolve old patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behavior that create blockages to true.