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Treks from Kailasha - the Himalayan village

What are the visuals you get when someone talks about mountain and hill stations?
Nature, adventures and beautiful treks make your mountain visit-worthy.

The best way to explore the Parvati valley's beauty is by getting into the depth of it. Wondering how and where? I will help you out. As I belong to the mountain, of course, I can suggest some best treks from Kailasha - The Himalayan Village that will make your climb worth it. Find out the premium and best tour packages available in Parvati valley and Kasol. Gear up!

Bhunbuni- Kheerganga-Trek-in-kasol

Bhunbuni & Kheerganga Trek (3 Days)

Highest Pt.: Bhunbuni 3300 Mtr.
  • Day 1.Kailasha - The Himalayan Village to Bhunbuni,7kms. ,5-7 hrs.Wake up with bird chirping sounds and have a delicious breakfast with Kailasha - the Himalayan village's morning view.Get set ready for a day full of adventures, get in the car and enjoy the drive of 23 km to Barshani. You can play your favourite tracks and enjoy the little road trip. An easy and moderate climb through the forest to reach Bhunbuni meadows, enjoy unique ranges and snow peaks and charge yourself for next day adventures.
    Day 2. Wake up in the mid of mountains and have a refreshing chai! It’s going to be a tiring day. Start trekking from Bhunbuni to Kheerganga, 7 km approx trek which will take 6-7 hrs. enjoy a gradual and decent climb through meadows and forests. Don't forget to explore the journey; it can surprise you with hidden gems! Spend the night at kheerganga, dance around the bonfire, sky gaze and shed all the city life chaos.
    Day 3. Wake up, tired head! It's time to trek down! Have a morning bath in the natural hot water pool with impressive snow mountain in the backdrop. Visit at Karthikey temple & walk back to Barshani through Ruddranag Enjoy the fantastic view of the waterfall and drive bac 23 km from barshani to Kailasha - the Himalayan village resort for night halt.

Bijli Mahadev Trek (4 Days)

Highest pt: Bring atop 3150 Mt.
  • Day 1. Wake up in the morning and get ready for an adventurous day. Start prepping for a trek to Bijli Mahadev. Start the journey by walk from village through mountain track, passing through villages on the way. Enjoy the fantastic view of the mountain with thick forest across the river Parvati. Spend the night camping under stars at Gajyari.
    Day 2. Time for a trek! Get up and get ready to trek from Gajyari to Nalwai, approx 7 kms, will take around 7-8 hrs: rocky walkthrough ways and fantastic view. Camp stay at nalwai with splendid scenery and bonfire!
    Day 3. A day full of adventure awaits you! Start your morning with refreshing adrak wali chai and breakfast and begin the day! You will trek 12 kms from Nalwai to Bijli Mahadeva through meadows. The route will pass the Bringta top & then gradual walk to Bijli Mahadeva passing pine & fir forest. The temple consists of Shiva ling which frequently shattered by lightning. The priest of the temple thus uses butter as adhesive to stick the parts together. Therefore, the temple is known as Bijli Mahadev. Spend the night at the sacred place and enjoy360 view of Kullu valley from the top!
    Day 4. Time to return! Trek down from Bijli Mahadev to Kailasha - the Himalayan village. You must be tired after long hiking but trekking down is very easy. Just 2 km walk to Halaini and then 42 km drive back to the resort. We are waiting to host you!

Chanderkhani Pass Trek (5 Days)

Grade: Medium
Highest pt. Chanderkhani: 3660 Mt.
Distance: 20 Km.
  • Day 1. THV to Malana Kailasha - The Himalayan Village to Malana: -Breakfast at The resort and proceed to 17 Kms drive to the starting point of Malana at Nirang. And start walk 1.5 Km, first down to the Malana River & then climb to the village, sightseeing of the Malana village & around. Malana is the oldest democracy in the world with distinct culture, different language; people are friendly but maintain a distance, night halt in tents/ units.
    Day 2. Malana to Nagruni 7-8 hours Today all steep section start walking towards Chandrakhani Pass, enjoy the beautiful view of Malana glacier, Animal pass and Malana stream, panoramic view of Pir Panjal Himalayan ranges. Camp at Nagruni. The paradise camping site.
    Day 3. Nagruni to Chaklani (base of Chandrakhani from Manali side) 3660 Mtrs.WAfter breakfast 4 Km of mix walk steep, rocky till Chandrakhani pass. Take the blessings of Jamdagni Rishi’s where thy meditate for long time. Enjoy the 360 view of Mighty Himalaya. Further 3 km gradual descend walk via rocky terrain and rhododendron shrubs all around you. Reach Chaklani and camp. Enjoy the open sky and star gazing.
    Day 4. Chaklani to Gankradi 5, 6 kms. 3-4 hrsstart late today enjoy the unforgettable view of Chaklani. Walk down through green meadows, thick forest. Night halt at Gankhadi meadows and beautiful camping site between forest.
    Day 5. Gankradi to Rumsu 4 kms.3 hrs:- Climb down through deep forest night halt at Rumsu Village . A chance to see a real mountain village and Manali Valley. Rumsu pick-up visit to Roerich art gallery+ Naggar castle. Relax and back 65 Km. Drive from Rumsu to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village or free for further travel.

Deo Tibba Base Trek (9 Days)

Highest Point - Deo Tibba base 3900 mt.
  • Day 1. Start the day at Kailasha - the Himalayan village and prepare yourself for a long trek ahead. Drive 22km to malana and witness two hydel project dam site on the way. An easy walk through lush green forest and glacier. Cross the glacier to reach camping site. Spend night in camps and dance around bonfire.
    Day 2. A gradual climb of 7 kms from Malana glacier to Wochin through mountain along the Malana river. You will see the summer houses called doghras of the nomadic people. Night stay at Wochin, enjoy the mesmerizing panoramic view.
    Day 3. Gradual easy walk from Wochin to Thadi bai (7 kms, / 3-5 hrs.) through meadows full of amazing flowers.
    Day 4. Thadi bai to Choti Shamshi, (5 kms, / 3 hrs.) Encounter meadows with amazing view of mountain ranges - A gradual walk.
    Day 5. Deotiba base camp & stay Choti shamshi (7 kms. / 5-7 hrs.) Gradual walk to Deotiba base 3900 Mt. & walk back to Choti Shamshi. Night camp at Chothi Shamshi.
    Day 6. Choti Shamshi to Wochin (12km. / 7-9 hrs.) A gradual walk back to Wochin through meadows & flower valley. Night stay at Wochin camp.
    Day 7. Wochin to Attodung (7 kms. / 5 hrs.) Walk through broad leave forest, water stream, summer villages of hill people. The walk is through rocky paths in between night camp at Aattodung.
    Day 8. Attodung to Malana & Magic Valley Trek is through a narrow path, through forests, you encounter a lot of waterfalls & streams on the way night camp at Malana heritage village.
    Day 9. Back to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village Trip to malana villages, the temple. 2Km walk to the road head at Nirang & 18Km drive back to the resort.

Rashol Pass & Mozik Valley Trek (5 Days)

Highest pt.-Rashol pass 3180 Mt.
  • Day 1. Jain nallah to Rashol (9 kms. / 7hrs.) Walk along Parvati river through few villages & then moderate climbs up to Rashol village. Camp on the outskirts of town. Thick forest on the way is a delight.
    Day 2. Rashol passes Highest pt.3180 mt. (9 kms. / 9 hrs.) Steep walk on mountain treks, giving an extensive view of mountain ranges, Rhodendron trees, meadows. After crossing Rashol pass camping at another side.
    Day 3. Rashol pass to Nirang (7kms. / 3hrs.) Climb down through the forest, enjoy a fantastic view of mountain ranges night camp at Nirang.
    Day 4. Nirang to Malana glacier (7 kms. / 3-5 hrs.) A walk along the road leading to the Malana -II Hydel project, lush green meadows where you see a lot of wild strawberries growing around. Camping after crossing the glacier.
    Day 5. Malana Glacier to Mozik valley & back to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village Incursion into the Mozik valley, enjoying the panoramic view of snow ranges, massive meadows with flowers strewn all over & then drive back to resort.

Sarpass Trek (6 Days)

Highest pt .sarpass 4000 Mt.
  • Day 1. Kailasha - The Himalayan Village to Grahan (12kms./ 7hrs.) Walk along the stream, thick forest, camp at Grahan village.
    Day 2. Grahan to Mingthach (7 kms./ 7 hrs) Gradual walk on mountain tracks, enjoying picturesque valley, reaching mingthach, a meadow.
    Day 3. Migthach to Nagaru (5 kms. 5/7 hrs) High-altitude walk-through forest, meadows, can spot wildlife & lot of herbal plants. Camp at Nagaru
    Day 4. Nagaru to Biskeri (7 kms. / 5-7 hrs) - A gradual climb to Surpass coming over snow slope, glaciers & then climb down to Biskeri.Camp at Biskeri.
    Day 5. Biskeri to Pulga ( 8kms./ 7hrs.) Walk down through the thick forest, open meadows to Pulga village near Parvati dam. Night stay at Pulga.
    Day 6. Pulga to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village ( 3 kms./ 5hrs.) 1 hr gradual walk from Pulga to Barshani from where drive 23 Km.To the resort. On the way visit Manikaran hot spring, Kasol town.

Mantalai Trek (10 days)

Highest pt- 4100mt.
  • Day 1. Barshaini to Kheerganga (12 Kms / 7-9 hrs.) walk through deep forest, meadows, a waterfall on the way. Kheerganga has hot water springs. Night camping at Kheerganga
    Day 2. Kheerganga to Thunda Bhoj (12 Kms/ 7-9 hrs.) trek commences through the deep forest; flowers strewed meadows. Walk on mule tracks. The climb is steep & slow.
    Day 3. Tundabhuj to Dibinala (9 Kms/ 5-7 hours) walks through meadows, flower valley above treeline, and moderate walk. Night camp at Dibinala.
    Day 4. Dhibhinala to Pandupul (9 Kms / 5-7 hrs.) Gradual climb through meadows. The area is full of medicinal plants & flowers. Pandupul has a natural rock bridge to cross the river.
    Day 5. Pandupul to Thakurkuan (9 Kms 5-7 hrs.) Gradual climb through meadows. One encounters nomadic shepherds on the way &their traditional huts. The river flows by the trek path.
    Day 6. Trip to Mantalai & Stay Thakurkuan (14 Kms/ 7-9 hrs.) Gradual climb down through meadows. Mantalai has a lake from where you see Mantalai glacier, Source of Parvati river. Night camp at Mantalai. Walk back and stay at Thakukuan.
    Day 7. Thakurkuan to Dibinala (18 Kms/ 7-9 hrs.) Climb down through forests, meadows. Night camp at Dibinala
    Day 8. Dibinala to Kheerganga (18 Kms/ 7-9 hrs.) Walk down through meadows, forests, lush green meadows. Night halt at Kheerganga
    Day 9. Rest at Kheerganga
    Day 10. Kheerganga to Barshaini & back (12 Kms/ 5-7 hrs.) Walkthrough thick forests, enjoy the scenic waterfall in serpentine shape at Rudranag to Barshani and then 23km drive to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village.

Parvati Pin- Paas (13 Days)

Highest pt -Pin Parvati valley -5300 mt.
  • Day 1. Barshai to Kheerganga 2850 mt (12 kms./ 7-9 hrs.) Walkthrough deep forest, meadows, a waterfall on the way. Kheerganga has hot water springs, night camping at Kheerganga.
    Day 2. Kheerganga to Thunda Bhuj 3282 Mt (12 kms./ 7-9 hrs.) Trek commences through deep forest, flowers strewn meadows. Walk on mule tracks; the Climb is steep & slow.
    Day 3. Thunda Bhuj to Dibinala 3500 Mt (9 kms / 5-7 hrs.) Walkthrough meadows, flower valley above treeline, moderate walk. Night camp at Dibinala.
    Day 4. Dibinala to Pandupul 3600 Mt (7Kms./ 3.5 hrs.) Gradual Climb through meadows. The area is full of medicinal plants & flowers. Pandupul has a natural rock bridge to cross the river.
    Day 5. Pandupul to Thakurkuan 3800 Mt (10 kms / 5-7 hrs.) Gradual Climb through meadows. One encounters nomadic shepherds on the way &their traditional huts. The river flows by the trek path.
    Day 6. Thakurkuan to Mantalai 4100 Mt (8 kms. / 3-5 hrs.) Gradual Climb through meadows. Mantalai has a lake from where you see Mantalai glacier, Source of Parvati river. Night camp at Mantalai.
    Day 7. Mantalai rest at Mantalai Rest & acclimatisation walks at Mantalai.
    Day 8. Mantlai to High Camp - 2 4700 Mt (7kms. / 7hrs.) Steep Climb through inhospitable terrain. High camp 2 serves as a base for pin pass splendid view of Hampta peak on one side & Pin valley of Spiti.
    Day 9. High Camp - 1 to Pin pass (7 kms. / 5 hrs.) Steep Climb to pin pass, walk over the snowfields of the pass & then climb down to high camp1of Pin valley, passing pin river, look out for Snow leopards, Ibex, Musk deer.
    Day 10. Modh village (10 kms. / 7hrs.) Walkthrough meadows, cold desert. Enjoy landscapes of Spiti to Modh village perched on the hillside.
    Day 11. Month to Kiwar Village 65 Km. Drive to kiwar village, on the way see kee monastery, night camp at Kiwar Village.
    Day 12. Kiwar to Chandartal lake 125 km. Drive through Kunjum pass, Kibber to Chandertal lake also called the moon lake. Lake is massive & crystal clear. Enjoy sweeping views of snow peak & desert on the way Night camps by banks of Chandartal lake.
    Day 13. Chandartal to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village 200 Km. Drive through Rohtang pass Manali, Kullu, enjoying breath-taking scenes on a night stay at the resort.

7 Valleys Jeep Safari (8 Days)

7 Valleys:- Kullu + Lahaul Spiti + Pin valley + Sangla + Kinnour +Parvati valley

  • Day 1. Jibhi via Jalori Pass (3120 Mtrs.) to Rampur (105 Kms./6,7 hrs) A drive through beautiful Seraj valley , crossing Jalori pass ( 3120Mt). Passing thick fir, Pine forest on the way .Night stay at Hotel at Rampur.
    Day 2. Rampur - Bhimakali temple - Sangla (20+95 Kms) Drive to Sangla valley tale a right turn to famous local deity Bhimkali temple and Palace of rulers of Bushear made in traditional Kath kuni style of architecture at sarahan. Continue drive to Sangla valley following Satluj River at a side. Stay at Sangla.
    Day 3. Sangla - Kalpa (40 Kms) Drive through mountain with amazing breathtaking view and villages up on the mountains of Kinnaur valley, peoples wearing green caps and smiles.
    Day 4. Rest & sightseeing at Kalpa Enjoy walks through dense forest & breathtaking view of Kinner Kailash peak. The sunset is amazing. Stay.
    Day 5. Kalpa to Nako Lake (120Km) Drive through rocky terrain , cold deserts of Kinnaur very close to China border. The drive through dusty roads & steep rocky peaks is a experience in itself. Visit Nako Lake enjoy the view and stay.
    Day 6. Nako - Tabo (65 Kms./2, 3 hours) Drive through cold desert . Tabo is a ancient village on the bank of river spiti. Tabo has a monastery next only to Tholing gompa in Tibet .These are also called Ajanta's of Himalayas.
    Day 7.Tabo - Kaza (40+12 Kms.) Drive through cold desert and beautiful small villages of Spiti and open heart welcoming peoples. On the way visit Dankhar gompa, Visit Kaza market and monastery. Stay at Kaza Town.
    Day 8. Chandertal (70 Kms.) Via Kee Monastery, Chicham Bridge sightseeing & then Chandratal, beautiful landscapes and famous shooting points of Spiti valley, Plains, Cross Lossar village, Kunzum Pass (4550 Mtrs.) to Chandertal lake also called the moon lake. The view around would leave a impression for the life time. Stay at Camp.
    Day 9. Chandartal lake to Kailasha - The Himalayan Village (160 kms/ 7,8 hrs) Drive through Rohtang pass (4000Mt. )Which ushers you to lush green Kullu valley, passing Manali, Kullu. Night stay at the resort.

Kheerganga Trek (2 Days)

Highest pt - Kheerganga 2850 Mt.
  • Day 1. Barshaini to Kheerganga (12 Kms./ 4-5 hrs.) 23 km Drive from Kailasha - The Himalayan Village to Barshani, the trek's starting point. An easy gradual walk through dense fir forest, beautiful valley, river Parvati is flowing by, on the way you find beautiful waterfalls, view typical hill village & an old traditional temple at Rundranag. Night camp at Kheerganga where you have hot water springs and temple dedicated to Karthikye, son of Lord Shiva
    Day 2. Kheerganga to Barshani (12 kms./ 4-5 hrs.) have a bath in hot water springs, a visit to old Kartikeya temple and then walk back through the same route. From Barshani drive back to the resort, night stay at the resort.