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Why do you love mountains?

I’ll tell you my reason. Mountains are calming but adventurous at the same time! It introduces me to hidden gems of nature and lets me explore my inner self. Some visit mountains for relaxation while for a few, it’s a place for adventures! For me, it’s my home. I belong to the mountains and will remain here, forever.


Are you planning for a small meeting, a large convocation, or a combination of business and recreation? I’m recognized as an ideal location to hold your business meeting or convocations as I provide luxurious yet professional halls and units.Sophisticated conference facilities and delicious delicacies are enough to impress your international business guest.

Multi Restaurant

Ohai foodies! I guarantee you that I’ll become your favourite place once you try any delicacy from my multi-cuisine café and restaurants. You are going to enjoy elegant surroundings and spectacular food when dining at any of our restaurants. A wide variety of food option available to chooses from your favourite cuisine.

Initiations/ Wellness activity

Hey! are you okay? You look mentally tired and stressed! It's time to shed all the chaos and start living peacefully. How? I have an answer. Join me and my expert healer friends to heal your mind from all the city hassles.

Folk Dances

As the sun sets and you are exhausted by your activities, come relax and enjoy the enchanting movements and music of the traditional Himachali folk dances performed. Up for a dance of? The winner will get to play with my furr-ever friend!

Picture perfect place!

Hey there influencers! Wassup! Dm for collab?I’m not bragging but I am too pretty to ignore! Like c’mon how can you not appreciate my beautiful architecture, my design, greenery and colours around me!My rustic and traditional décor gives you an insta worthy picture to get thousands of likes!


Work+vacation = workation, why work from home when you can work from anywhere? Keep an update on your work and social life while being on vacation.Stay online 24/7 in my premises using our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network no matter where you are on the resorts in kullu. You will never miss that important mail.

Pet-friendly resort

I have many friends, but my favourites are the ones with four paws and one tail! They always stay and play with my guest and with me. Are you planning to travel with your pet? Well, I'm the pet-friendly resort in Himachal Pradesh that loves to host your furry friends along with mine.I am looking forward to hosting you and your pet!