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Trekking is the best and most preferred way to enjoy true Himalayan glory. It allows you to see the mountains and connect with the localities closely. Treks are filled with adventure that lets you stroll and admire the beauty of nature. We provide numerous tours around Kailasha - The Himalayan Village ranging from a day hike to ten days treks. Check out " Available treks from "Kailasha - The Himalayan Village."


Not in the mood for adventure? Sit- relax -catch fishes. Spend your day angling in the Parvati and its supporting rivers, which have plenty of fishes, including the famous trout of Himachal.

Nature Walk

In every walk with nature, you receive far more than you seek. The Himalayan forests have 240 varieties of exotic birds and one of the very few pockets with Himalayan flying fox. The nocturnal gliding through nature is one of the best experiences you will ever get.

Mountain biking

Sounds thrilling? Trust me; it is the best experience for those who live for adventures.
Now Imagine, "a sound builds to a squelchy rumble as the bike hurtles downhill and into view, the rider's face covered by a full helmet. Then all you can hear is a wheel spinning as the tires roll over a rock and launch into the air until the bike lands in mud and swerve out of sight through the trees." That's what mountain biking is! It entails the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, whether riding specially equipped mountain bikes or hybrid road bikes.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control. This activity is designed for beginners, and no climbing experience is necessary. Although non-climbers consider it a reckless, dangerous, "thrill-seeking" sport, rock climbing is a lifetime experience for a sporty and enthusiastic person.  

Jungle Barbeque

Hot smoked barbeque food in open-air with jungle atmosphere-sounds delicious tight? Our open-air jungle atmosphere barbeque gives a delightful treat to your taste buds. Reminiscent of a jungle barbeque with a serene, romantic, and casual mood. Barbeques are a great way to enjoy delicious smoked food, good company, cold winds from the river, and lovely weather.

Open jeep safari

An open jeep safari makes the trip more thrilling. Jeep safari lets you explore the hidden gems of the mountains. Dust, dirt and rough paths are part of the live jeep safari and sighting of a leopard, bear and other wildlife will be a icing on the cake. You wouldn't like to wait for the spectacular beauty and action that unfolds gradually.

Agri tourism

My favourite and recommended activity that you shouldn’t miss out if on my premises! Agri tourism, where you will be taken to the fruit orchards and made to experience and indulge in various day to day operations in the orchards. It could be picking your fruits, getting involved in the day-to-day work, or interacting closely with the localities. A must visit into these beautiful gardens introduce you to the cultivation process and enjoy the Himalayan ranges' panoramic view at the backdrop.


It’s time to fly and touch the sky! Paragliding is a soothing experience that you should get at least once in a lifetime. When you run and jump from the mountain to fly, it suits the phrase "sometimes you need to fall before you fly". Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh treat your eyes with serene beauty and gives a top view of the valley. Be daring enough to enjoy the ride or ask your pilot to land immediately by bribing him 100-200 more bucks! If you know, you know!


Billiards isn't just a fun game, but a historic game played by kings, emperors and mobsters. Play billiards with your friends and family to relax and get into the holiday grove You can enjoy a drink and unwind in the company of friends and family. It's the perfect way to engage with family and friends on a leisurely vacation.